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  • bunny 2 months ago

    I tried a few vids(some of them recently added) and nothing works! Not one worked. 🙁

  • lou7839 2 months ago

    why do none of the links work. I have clicked on over 30 different links and I keep getting the “404 not found” warning popping up.

    • mr. sexix 2 months ago

      yes, hi, i’m the owner/operator of this site and i think the problem you may be encountering is due to the new “no spank” subroutine i recently added to my server. that is, if the artificial intelligence algorithm determines that you wish to watch videos for masturbatory purposes and/or to fulfill prurient sexual interests, it automatically delivers a 404 error to prevent you from fulfilling your tawdry fantasies and perverse onanistic desires. you’re welcome!

      • Tony 1 day ago

        Fair enough..

      • Dear Mr, Sexix!
        But why?
        Please reply!

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        • mr. sexix 1 min ago

          Poor jday, so jealous because he knows I have fucked all the women on this site (and most of the men) with my enormous, tungsten-hard phallus while he has to settle for pleasuring himself with a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass because his penis is microscopically small. Frankly, even i don’t know y he visit this site agan n agian ….

          booyakasha motherfucker

  • Anonymous 4 weeks ago

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